Delicious Prawn Mee @ No Name Noodle Shop, Taman Sri Sinar

By vkeong

Sri Sinar Prawn Noodle

This no name noodle shop behind Taman Sri Sinar’s KFC is one of my best kept secret places to eat in Kepong.
Ever since we discovered it a year ago, we have been eating here regularly for dinner and supper. Despite being relatively unknown online, they are extremely popular with the locals.

Prawn Mee is their best seller and it’s also my favorite noodle. The soup has a nice color and a good depth of prawn flavor.
They are not stingy with the toppings too so you get a handful of fish cakes and tiny yet umami-rich stir fried prawns. No pork slices though.

While you’re here I recommend trying their tong sui as well. The selection is pretty much limited to fu cuk yee mai, hak nor mai (black glutinous rice), red bean soup and a few others. I like the fu cuk yee mai here because it’s thicker than usual and not the watery kind.

Sri Sinar Wantan Mee
Sri Sinar Curry Mee
Sri Sinar Fish Cakes

Wantan mee (more like konlou noodle instead), clear soup noodle, curry mee and snacks like fried wantan and fish cakes are available as well. I feel they are average at best and are offered for the sake of variety. Ultimately, the prawn mee should be the main reason to come here.

Sri Sinar Noodle Price List
Sri Sinar Prawn Noodle Stall
Kepong Sri Sinar Noodle Shop

Sri Sinar 面档

25, Jalan 20/38a, Taman Sri Sinar, 51200 Kepong
Business hours: 5pm – 11.30pm, closed on Mondays

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