The Spa, Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel, Malaysia

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The Spa at Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Words by Caning Jaramillo
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As a part of our modern life, deadlines at work and at home seem to be a common denominator for many living in the city. Stress starts taking possession of our bodies as the price to be paid for living in a fast paced society and trying to constantly do more, be more and see more. Fortunately, sometimes all it takes is a little breather away from the rush, to rejuvenate our senses and soothe away our tensions. The Spa at Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel offers plenty of options to assist you in taking a break.

Waiting RoomFrom the moment you enter The Spa’s foyer, a lovely environment begins to prepare your mind for rest. The sound system reassembles sounds of nature mixed with gentle soothing tunes, encouraging your mind to harmonize, and to forget (at least for a few hours) its mundane routines. An inviting bathtub surrounded by orchid flowers and sprinkled with red rose petals provides the backdrop for ginger tea sipping and the filling out of a health questionnaire. Therapists introduce themselves and take a few minutes to go over your responses in the hopes of optimizing your chosen treatment to your personal needs and desires.

Spa, Hilton Kuala Lumpur HotelGinger TeaThe menu features an extensive range of treatments including a variety of massages, facials, scrubs and wraps. I decided to go for a combined journey consisting of a massage and a facial.

Preferring strong pressure I selected the Deep Tissue Massage, which utilizes firm to moderate strokes along the meridian lines of the body. A choice or aromatherapy oils further customized my treatment and I chose a pleasantly scented oil ideal for improving circulation. My therapist used hands, knuckles, forearms and elbows to dig deep into my muscles, quickly releasing tension and sending me into a state of bliss.

Spa, Hilton Kuala Lumpur HotelCouples’ Treatment RoomThis treatment was superbly followed by a facial, which allowed me to luxuriate for another hour lying on my back enjoying my calmed condition. The Deep Cleansing Bliss Facial was an intensive deep treatment for congested, and tired skin – just what I needed. First, my skin was cleansed and after exfoliated. While writing this post, I can still feel the therapists skilled hands… real heaven! A deep cleansing mask was also applied for further refinement and clarification of the pores. The result was not bad! My face looks so smooth like the face of a five-year-old… he he he.

Spa, Hilton Kuala Lumpur HotelAromatherapy OilsIn a nutshell, I was pleased with the overall experience at The Spa in the Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel. A simple, but relaxing ambience and, quality professional treatments made a couple of hours out of my regular schedule a real treat!
Reason to visit: professional skilled therapists, lovely environment, convenient location, good quality spa products

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The Spa and Gym

Hilton Kuala Lumpur

Level 8

3 Jalan Stesen Sentral

50470 Kuala Lumpur


+6 (03) 2264 2830

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