Recipe for Jasmine Lee No.2, Cocktail by Angel Ng, Hit & Mrs. Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Jasmine Lee No.2, Cocktail by Angel Ng

Recipe for Jasmine Lee No.2

Jasmine Lee No.2 is a long drink version of the strong and yet delicate Jasmine Lee cocktail which was prepared for one of the Diageo WorldClass Malaysia challenges. This version however, has ingredients that are easier to obtain and prepare. It consists of many medicinal ingredients such as; whiskey (in Scotland known to help with toothaches), honey (to ease indigestion), jasmine green tea (to flush out toxins), mint (to boost immunity) and ginger (famous for controlling cold). It is a very refreshing long beverage one can enjoy especially ideal for the hot weather of South-east Asia.
“Whiskey was my kryptonite when I first started drinking. There was no way for me to enjoy it without feeling nauseous. At the first bar I worked in (Zee10 Wine Bar, Singapore), I noticed many guests asking for green tea to mix into their whiskey—specifically Chivas with Jasmine Green Tea. Recognising my curiosity, the bar manager at the time poured me a glass to taste. It was refreshing, delicate yet strong and for the first time, I wasn’t put off by whiskey. Bartenders and whiskey-enthusiasts frown upon the idea of having green tea in whiskey saying that it ruins the integrity of the drink. In spite of such elitist comments, I purposely crafted a cocktail with whiskey and jasmine green tea just to challenge detractors and prove that any ingredient can be perfect together. It is all about the right measurements and combinations.” – Mixologist, Angel Ng.
Ingredients:60ml Blended Whiskey 20ml Honey Water 10ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice30ml Mint-infused Oversteeped Jasmine Green Tea 3 slices Candied Young Ginger
Method: 1. Add honey water, lemon juice and young ginger to a Boston glass.2. Muddle the young ginger, before adding the whiskey and mint-infused oversteeped jasmine green tea.3. Add ice into the Boston glass and shake.4. Double strain into a tall glass, add ice, garnish and it’s ready to serve!
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