New Year Goals 2014 for The Yum List – Where Are We Heading This Year?

By (The Yum List)

New year, new plans to keep getting better… Here are some things we’ll be looking for in 2014.
Caning will be searching for boutique beers and whiskeys that bring a sweet smile to his face.

Kirsten is ready to explore the region for original and authentic sense experiences and, to discover food that is both joyful and healthful.

Manveen is on the lookout for meals that are worth their price tags. Quality over quantity!

Craig is seeking the most authentic international cuisine and restaurant experience.

Kristin is always on the hunt for the next, best breakfast joint where she can enjoy a perfect omelette and great coffee on a leisurely Sunday morning.

Polly is going to tease out the most authentic southern Indian cuisine – she needs a place where they serve boiled tapioca with fish curry and where the appam are really sour and well-fermented. Is there any puffy, fluffy Kerala rice in KL, she wonders?

Araceli is on the hunt for charming and artistic cafes and wine bars.
And Monica… well, in true Yum List style I have a list. I’ll be looking for…
* food that’s good both for the body, our environment and our global community

* quick getaways around Malaysia

* longer getaways in the region

* best spa experiences

* food and beverage pairings

* and many more lists… we know you love them! Best Hotels in KL, Best Vegetarian Restaurants, Best Cocktails Best Desserts, Best… we vow to hunt them down, review them and put them in easy to use lists to quickly find the best of what you’re looking for.

*** Of special note… We continue our efforts to make a positive impact on the environment by trying to “grow the good” by writing about the good. As such, The Yum List will not review any restaurant that has shark’s fin on their menu (or any other endangered species) and will actively attempt to educate about more sustainable choices for the world in which we live.

If you have any leads related to our quests, we would love to hear them!

What would you like us to find in 2014? What do you recommend we check out this year?

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