Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by Hilton

Makan KitchenLocal Delights All in One Snazzy Location

Words by Craig J SelbyPhotos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
With the haze outside nearly every day at the moment, it’s tough to get my fix of local Malaysian street favourites. Let alone having the opportunity to bring visiting friends to explore the fusion of cuisines that have placed Malaysia on the global culinary map.

One of the Seating OptionsMakan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonMore SeatingMakan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonOutdoor Seating TooThat is, until I stumbled across Makan Kitchen. Nestled high up in one of Kuala Lumpur’s landmark hotel properties, close to public transport and the major arterials of the city, Makan Kitchen brings together, at a very attractive and affordable price, a huge array of popular Malaysian dishes, that any Malaysian would be proud of. Better still, it does it in an air conditioned environment, so no need to brave the heat for all those fiery tastes and stunning aromas.

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonChoose Your Own Ingredients for Your Soupy NoodlesI am a huge street food fan, and its great to have the opportunity to bring freshly made dishes like these indoors into a more upmarket setting – perfect to bring visiting friends from back home, or hold business meetings without breaking the bank.

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonFresh SeafoodMakan Kitchen is eclectic. With multiple kitchen stations potted around the huge restaurant space, each with its own especially designed cultural feel to it; it is like walking in to a mini United Nations of Cookery. Respresenting Chinese, Indian, and Malay cuisine, with a healthy smattering of Western dishes just to appease the die-hard tourists, chefs freshly whip up a concoction of popular local dishes in their awe-inspiring buffet.

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonChinese KitchenNot only did I notice the well-considered restaurant environment as I walked in; the friendly staff also made an impression. Ok, so it’s a hotel and its expected, but the truth is, they left a welcoming impression which would bring me back. Seated at my table overlooking busy Jalan Ampang (the view was lovely, and so happy not to be in that traffic), chilled water was quickly served, and my hosts explained the concept and location of the various kitchen stations.

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonBamboo Chicken – Favourite from SarawakI was seated right behind the Indian station – lovely wafting smells of tandoori and freshly made naan bread were making my tummy rumble. The Chinese kitchen was in the next room (they told me some people think it is a separate restaurant, so please wander and help myself), with the Malay and Western stations being relatively adjacent to where I was seated.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonTandooriWandering around, your senses are hit with the bright colours of fresh ingredients, the smells of all food Malaysian, and the visual intricacy of the unique restaurant setting.

Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonPart of the Western KitchenI opted for Chinese first – I heard they had crispy roast duck. Yummy! Delicious slices of tender duck, with nice golden brown crispy skin went down a treat. So did their chicken char siu, and their vegetable dishes.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonCrispy Roast Duck and Chicken Char SiuI moved around the restaurant, and ordered an assortment of satay. Grilled to my order, the satay was accompanied by a lovely creamy peanut sauce – not the watery and oily kind you might find elsewhere, but a beautifully smooth blend which was nice enough to eat on its own. Fresh vegetables and salad offerings also tempted me to construct my own salad.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonSatayMakan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonMake Your Own SaladFrom the Indian section, I tried their Kashmiri naan – delightfully soft and fluffy naan bread interspersed with mixed fruit for added flavor. An assortment of tandoori also ended up on my plate – tasty!
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonKashmiri NaanIts pretty hard to try everything at Makan Kitchen – the selection is awesome and very extensive, but I did manage to get a few slices of Beef Wellington from the western side, along with some vegetables to boot.
BBQ prawns were also on the table – succulent juicy prawns cooked over the BBQ grill, and a selection of seafood and shellfish.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonButter PrawnsLocal desserts also featured prominently, with a variety of cut fruit, and of course, Malaysian favourite, Cendol. Their drinks too were great, with a quirky selection of mixed juices and mocktails. I went for the Cute Kiwi (only because I am one), which was a refreshing blend of cucumber and kiwifruit juice. Makan Kitchen also has its signature the tarik, or pulled tea – a true taste of Malaysian culture that transcends all boundaries.
Makan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonCute KiwiMakan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonMalaysian DessertsMakan Kitchen, Double Tree by HiltonDessert StationCertainly a place to entertain visiting friends and to hold business meetings, Makan Kitchen brings the flavours and aromas of Malaysia to you in one convenient (and air conditioned) environment. I will definitely be back for some more of their hospitality and good food.
Reason to visit: great place to take out of town guests; good value buffet; nice selection of a wide variety of local specialities.

Makan Kitchen
Doubletree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur
The Intermark
348 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
+6 03 2172 7272

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