FootLoose, At Home Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Therapist to your door!

FootLoose, At Home Spa

Have you ever found that the trip home from the spa with traffic, parking and bad drivers unravels all of that wonderful spa treatment you just paid good rinngit for? A planned hour of relaxation can turn into a three hour soap opera getting to and from your favourite spot, which cancels out the benefits of the therapy you’d originally signed up for. Meet the team from FootLoose. They take the hassle out of transport and give you back your precious time by bringing quality treatments directly to your home.

FootLoose – at home spa is a completely mobile team. A full range of massages is the highlight of the menu. Urut Pijit Javanese, Thai, Swedish, Shiatsu or a combination of these traditional healing techniques can be chosen. Body specific treatments and a line up of cleansing scrubs and masks further buff up the offerings while, children’s massage and, pre and post-natal care contribute specialist remediation.

The convenience of this mobile spa experience is not limited solely to you alone in your home. Office visitations and events are happily catered for too. An at home spa party is a perfect way to share health and beauty with your friends. The team at FootLoose is expert in catering for groups of four or more to customize packages to suit bridal showers, birthday parties and any other reason you might need for a relaxing spa session.

Now this is the paragraph you’ll want to send to your boss. The FootLoose team holds the belief that “employees are the best assets of a company,” and as such have tailored 15-minute seated massages (available for a minimum booking for 6 people) for employers to offer a gesture of appreciation to their hard-working, well-deserving staff. From a small RM25 per person, working professionals can choose either the Express Stress Buster or the Express Back Breaker. I think exceptional employees (as all of course are) should get to have both. 😉

My experience however is pure indulgence in the home. I made an online booking, which was confirmed literally within minutes through a very easily navigable website. Prices are clearly marked and added to your shopping cart in one click of the mouse.

The 60 minute Urut Pijit Fullbody Massage (RM90) is their trademark therapy. It mixes ancient Javanese heeling practices to exert pressure on the body’s acupressure points. Smooth, firm and rhythmic strokes are used for a deep tissue workout. The traditional way to take this treatment is lying on the floor. The therapist sets up a yoga mat covered with a towel and manipulates the body while you lay in various positions on the mat. Linens smelt freshly laundered and an added benefit of having someone come to your home is that all other ambient factors such as temperature, music, lighting and scent are in your control. My therapist was strong and purposeful with her movements and I felt truly relaxed, but also reinvigorated after the session.

FootLoose, At Home Spa, Kuala Lumpur,Floor Massage Set UpMy lovely masseuse was from Indonesia and spoke little English. I’m not so adept with languages and speak very little Indonesian, so quite a bit of charades was played for us to understand each other. The team however, usually comes accompanied with a multilingual driver who can translate before the treatment. So, if you have any specific requirements, take the first few minutes to clarify before your session begins.

This is a brand new service in Kuala Lumpur with, I believe, a lot of potential. It’s natural in early stages that there will be kinks to work out, so do give feedback. It seems the ladies leading this venture want to offer excellent service and so actively seek ways to improve.

The prices are just as competitive as many spas out there and, with the added time and money saver of not having to fill the car with petrol, idle in traffic and park, I think the service is quite a bargain.

Reason to order:treatments in YOUR home!

FootLoose At Home Spa

1 Jalan Nagasari

50300 Kuala Lumpur


+6 017 655 3139

Operates 8am – 10pm including public holidays

Bookings outside regular trading house incur an extra fee

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