Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, Phuket, Thailand

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Twinpalms Phuket

Sun Spa Esthederm, Twinpalms Phuket

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Sun Spa Esthederm at Twinpalms, Phuket is something different in the Phuket experience; a true clinical style spa and beauty salon using advanced specialized French treatments. Amongst the unique services offered in this truly restful spa in Surin are sun preparation treatments for your skin. Institut Esthederm Paris together with hospitality and spa industry experts developed the concept of Sun Spa Esthederm: tailored and serviced sun care and tanning programs, as the newest, most innovative and luxurious spa service offered for high-end hotels. And there is one right here in Twinpalms, Phuket. The Sun Spa Esthederm specializes in ensuring that clients enjoy the sun while ensuring their skin remains undamaged.
Spa at Twinpalms PhuketEsthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketSpa ReceptionWe are greeted with calm professionalism and sip on a cup of cold sweet roselle juice while our treatments are explained carefully and we select our personal preferences. Monica may be Australian but she has a Celtic complexion so she plumps for Before The Sun for supersensitive skins, while I’m advised to try the Before The Sun Bronzant as I already have a slight colour. We are led into a simply immense room boasting twin massage beds en face twin Thai massage platforms, a massive sunken bath filled with flowers and sundry other sense pleasing delights. A high wooden ceiling with silently rotating fans above us and soothing restorative music of a blend that we’ve never heard before in our ears, we feel like dancing with such a sense of space. This is the biggest treatment room we’ve seen but it’s still extremely welcoming. The temperature is perfectly right for relaxation too.
Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketRoselle DrinkEsthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketSun TreatmentsAfter our ritual footbath with coconut scrub we like face down and are covered by warm towels. My therapist presses gently on my back and murmurs comfortable? And I am. Extremely so, the bed may be firmly cushioned but I am sinking into it before we even start. A light scrub, I’m used to the roughness of the Hammam for my skin exfoliation and these gentle strokes are very soothing in comparison. Gentle exfoliation removes old dead skin cells and apparently we should do this every week when in the sun. An odorless mixture of oil and light grains, is gently stroked all over the body with no centimetre of skin left unstroked, right into the belly button she goes.
Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketTreatment RoomEsthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketMassage BedsEsthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketBathtubA quick shower and then it’s time for spraying. A light odorless cool spray is methodically hand sprayed over each limb and then the torso, this is repeated twice. Then a light lotion is applied with soothing massaging strokes. Again we get two of these treats. The moisturizer and cell energizer is said to nurture and protect from cutaneous aging and dehydration (though I do also recommend topping up your water drinking levels). For the face is slightly different. Thoroughly cleansed with a thick cream and gently wiped clean in that concerned manner the Thai girls pull off so well, then face is sprayed lightly and moisturizer applied. Finish with a gentle head massage and foot stretch, again Thai benefits.
Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketBael and Roselle We come back for the Cellular Lift ‘Qi Gong’ Facial featuring the unique Qi Gong ball facial massage. Customized for all skin types we begin with a cleansing ritual. We’re are promised firmer skin, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and a radiant look so I’m hoping to leave looking at least five years younger. Wrapped in an oh-so-soft robe, once again it’s time to lie on that lovely bed and be pampered. Luscious thick cream is slathered on for a deep cleanse followed by a soft and gentle exfoliation, no scratching or scraping here, only a soothing and gentle peel. My therapist truly has magical hands as she strokes from the pectoral area, up the neck to the face.
A serum is applied, before a massage with warm tinkling metal balls. These so called musical balls of health are claimed to stimulate the main meridians and Chi, energy circulation. The warmth penetrates our skin and makes the skin care products more effective. I’m trying not to drift off so I can recall it all but I promise you, that is not easy. Cool crystal balls glide across my eyes, a sensation that is so soothing I want it to never stop. Benefits include tightening and decongesting. Fleetingly I wonder if I can buy my own. A cleanse, a gentle massage with moisture and we are done. I feel tranquil and alive. Monica claims she has never been so relaxed. It’s a fantastic, professional yet caring treatment. One of the best facials I’ve had in my life. And yes, we look great!
Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketLotus FlowerI promise you this is one of the best professional spa/beauty experiences I have had. Simply fantastic! It’s rare for Monica and I between us not to find a detail to quibble about. But here every detail has been well taken care of. I don’t think you can find this special holistic blend of French professionalism with Thai sensitive care anywhere else in the region. We can fully understand why this experience is popular amongst resident expats, and clients travel from other resorts on the island to enjoy a day at Esthederm in tandem with Catch Beach Club.
Esthederm offers full day and half day programmes, for a range of needs, including sun sensitive, and photo reverse. We think it’s well worth a visit during your stay in Phuket. For more information on the Esthederm range of products, visit the website
Esthederm Sun Spa, Twinpalms, PhuketSpa OilsReasons to visit: cutting edge skin care technology; warm, yet professional therapists; quality products and; a wonderful atmosphere.
Sun Spa EsthedermTwin Palms Phuket106/46 Moo 3 Surin Beach RoadCherngtalay DistrictPhuket, Thailand+66 895 947

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