Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, HIS Experience, The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The Intermark

His Experience at Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Asthetique

Words by Caning Jaramillo

Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)

Being myself a former owner of a spa and aesthetics centre in my motherland Venezuela, the speed at which new developments in the beauty and wellness industry takes place across South East Asia amazes me. This week I consider myself fortunate to be visiting one of the latest medical aesthetics salons (or medispas, as they’re popularly termed) in the country, designed by the famous Japanese plastic surgeon Dr. Joe Shigemoto.

From start to finish the experience is a delight. Seated on a sofa, in a happily designed reception area, the staff don’t waist a second for the pampering to begin. Served with chamomile and rose petal tea, brought in from Japan, it has a distinctive flavour and prepares me for the relaxation to come.

Rose TeaThe thoughtful design of the interior doesn’t stop at the storefront, it continues into my therapy room, where chandeliers, softly coloured walls and unique artwork decorate the space. It’s both stylish and welcoming.

Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkPrivate LoungeMy first session sees me in the skillful hands of Yuki, a Japanese therapist performing a Japanese + Balinese Massage for 90 minutes (RM380).

The procedure is unveiled with a warm bath and scrubbing of my feet and lower legs. Before my massage starts, Yuki checks on my comfort levels: preferred massage oil; room temperature – offering an extra blanket to avoid getting cool during the session; strength of pressure I desire; and noting any injuries or areas to avoid. Yuki’s expert hands use acupressure and deep firm strokes to reach my muscles’ deeper layers, leaving me relaxed and free of tension. Yuki is obviously a master of her trade. What a joy!

Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkAromatherapy ChoicesMy second treatment is the Premium Skin Course (RM480), a facial treatment promising to remove dead skin cells and smooth out my complexion. The application of several layers of vitamin C serum and the use of hyaluronic acid should further help to relieve my face of the incredible dryness it suffers due to my ongoing eczema. This procedure is done using a futuristic device, designed by Dr. Joe Shigemoto, using high frequency waves combined with led lights that penetrate down into multiple layers of the dermis. Without pain I experience a lifting of my sagging areas around my neck and face and restoration of the elasticity of my cutis.

Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkFacial Treatment RoomFinally I have a Laser Micro Peel (RM880), a non-surgical cosmetic treatment where a unique device, operated by the skillful cosmetologist Jacklyn, dispatches hundreds of micro electric shots helping to minimize my pore size and reduce my old acne scars. While I learn that some people experience a repeated stinging sensation during the treatment, I find a light discomfort that is easily tolerated. My face is red for a few minutes after treatment but soon settles to a regular colour. My skin tone is noticeably more even and I feel fresh and revived.

Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkConsultation RoomFollowing these treatments it’s best to avoid the sun. If outdoors a good sunscreen is highly recommended along with a hat and other protective gear.

In a nutshell, I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique. Maybe I’ll start looking for my next cover model job!

Reason to visit: spa treatments with the clinical benefits of the latest in Japanese beauty technology

Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique

Jamo Japan SDN BHD

Lot 1-13, Level 1, The Intermark

348 Jalan Tun Razak

50400 Kuala Lumpur


+6 03 2181 8828


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