Andara Spa, Andara Resort and Villas, Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand

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Couple’s Treatment Room – Andara Spa

Andara Spa, Andara Phuket – Massage and Reflexology

Words by Kirsten DurwardPhotos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
Like everything else on the property the Andara Spa is very spacious and grand. A sense of opulent luxury pervades as soon as you enter the vast tall wooden doors that close behind you to leave day-to-day worries behind. You are secluded for a short time in a place where everything will be taken care of. The spa suites all have high ceilings and a huge amount of space, the singles being bigger than many people’s apartments, and the twins so large that we wave to each other across the room. Ours features the most extravagant black Jacuzzi bathtub I have ever seen. Monica oohs over this monster and I joke that you could get half a football team inside easily.
Spa ReceptionIt’s not often we are given a choice of massage so this time we split our options, Monica goes for a therapeutic Swedish massage to relax muscles and while away strain. Swedish Massage is a wonderful full body massage where the therapist uses palms as well as fingertips to stimulate and improve circulation. Sometimes given dry, here it is offered with blended oil to help improve skin suppleness. Monica reports that the therapist is strong with good hands and has relaxed her migraine causing neck tensions.
andara spaLoungeI choose my favourite treatment; reflexology. Reflexology is a technique that applies gentle pressure to points of the feet stimulating the body’s own healing process. I also just find it totally relaxing and rejuvenating. It’s a perfect treatment for feet that swell in the heat and legs aching from walking around.
Andara Spa, Andara Resort and Villas, Kamala Beach, PhuketThai Massage RoomWe start with the requisite foot bath, rose water soak and feet scrubbed gently with lime this time. The ambient temperature is perfect for relaxation and the tinkling of water cascading from giant pots around the room is very soothing. As I lay on the bed, my tired feet receive a hot towel wash and press before the treatment begins. As usual, I try not to nod off, the better to record the experience but the water is so lulling and the strokes and pressures so soothing that the hour just whips by and I find myself being treated to a relaxing head massage that ensures I will float out those dramatic tall wooden doors and drift happily for the rest of the day.
Andara Spa, Andara Resort and Villas, Kamala Beach, PhuketGinger Tea FinishThe Andara Spa offers a range of single treatments and packages, for body face and hair. Although I do recommend you treat yourself to the wonderful ambience of an onsite visit, spa treatments can also be taken in the privacy of your villa or residence.
Reasons to visit: luxuriously spacious treatment rooms; relaxing treatments.
Andara SpaAndara Phuket15 Moo 6Kamala Beach, KathuPhuket, 83150Thailand+66

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