A Diet for Getting Older and Staying Healthy

By noreply@blogger.com (The Yum List)

Eat the way you should have been eating when you were younger. Ok, so that might be a bit of a pithy answer, but it’s also true. As we get older our bodies tire of the constant liquid and solid abuse and start to let us know what’s not going to be acceptable anymore. Not only that, we stop absorbing calcium by the time we’re 30 and we start to age in a not quite so positive way from a physical point of view. It is, therefore, vital that we adjust our diets for long term good health; especially the older we get.

Eat Healthier

It is easy to make a good start. Simply go for a balanced diet with a varied approach. No need for any fad diets which often come with more health problems than solutions. Cut down on sugars, salt, and bad fats, though do not abandon them entirely, and increase fruit, vegetables, lean meats, and local, fresh, produce.

Develop Better Habits

Buying local feeds into some of the good habits for you to do at any age, but especially as you age. Cooking your own meals is perhaps one of the best life lessons to learn. You control what goes into the meal, therefore you can cut back on salt, fat, and sugar, but you can also reduce those random, hard to understand chemicals large companies pump into products to make them last longer and look the right colour. Also consider randomly trying new fruits and vegetables, drinking less soda, eating smaller portions, and drinking more water.

It’s Never Too Late

Once upon a time in the ever more distant past, I found myself teaching English in Asia. We entered a new academic year and one of my students who’d always been at the bottom of the pile suddenly realised that his last year in school counted, but he was terrible. However, knowing it was not his natural ability which was the issue, but his attitude, it was easy for me to say “it’s never too late to start trying,” and he tried, and his test scores started to rise. The same principle goes for diets too. Just like with quitting nicotine, it is never too late to adjust your diet and go for something healthier. Your body might need time to adjust, but it will thank you. That doesn’t mean you should leave it until your 80th birthday though!

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