The Library Coffee Bar, Avenue K KL

By (Spicy Sharon)

If you’re scouting for a cafe to hangout in Avenue K or KLCC, provided you don’t have high expectations when it comes to food, The Library Coffee Bar may just be for you.

The Library Coffee Bar

While Johnny Rockets was buzzing with peak-hour traffic, evident from the steady stream of hungry patrons lining up outside the burger joint, The Library Coffee Bar next door, looked relatively subdued. Don’t get me wrong, the cafe was still packed but just not as popular compared to the former.

I was there during Friday lunch hour to catch up with an old friend, and to sample their food and coffee of course.

Once upon a time, The Library used to be a bar. It was then recently revamped into a coffee house in entirety. Avenue K’s branch is the first of the chain of Coffee Bars lined up for this year. The second branch will be at Bangsar South in April and the third at Damansara Uptown in May. Notwithstanding, I’m still quite puzzled by the sudden and drastic change.

Shelves of neatly lined books still remain as the centerpiece of The Library. The stylish outfit exudes a cozy atmosphere overall – cushioned seats, dim lights and acoustic looking walls. Undoubtedly the type of place I’d like to hang after a long day at work.

At a glance, the food menu appeared to be quite limited, with a handful of breakfast and brunch offerings only. While the coffee menu filled up most of the order board.

I came with full stomach, in view of just having a cuppa, but decided that I wouldn’t mind something light at the side after all.

Big Breakfast. Rm12.50.

Everything on the plate tasted frozen. The waffle was dry and stale, obviously in dire need of maple syrup. The sausages tasted a little sour, like it has gone bad. The salad dressing tasted off and sour. The scrambled eggs were exactly like the McD’s type – frozen and overcooked. And the only good thing that came out of the plate, was the slices of chicken ham. Those were just nice and lightly toasted at the edges.
Cappuccino. Rm10.50.

Coffee here are priced slightly higher than the average. However sadly, it tasted just like any other.

Overall Rating: 5/10. Withal, I thought the place probably needs ample time to readjust from a bar to coffee place. The food tasted like microwaved, fast-food quality.

I also noticed a number of potential HSE hazards from the layout of the cafe. For the ladies, especially those wearing skirts and heels, you may feel a little exposed when you take the steps up to the second floor. Additionally, the bench-top-bar-tables upstairs, overlooking the entrance of the cafe, is definitely not made for the clumsy eaters and butterfingered patrons. I would strongly advise you to sit somewhere else. For chances of a plunging glass or knife from the bar table, which will free-fall two levels down and crash apart loudly – are essentially quite high. Though we did not witness any catastrophe at that point in time, I thought this definitely needs to be pointed out.

Address: Ground FLoor, Avenue K, 156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur City Centre, KL.
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 11.00pm Daily

The entrance into The Library Coffee Bar is tucked along the narrow walkway approaching the entrance of Johnny Rockets.

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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