Streat Thai @ Jaya One PJ – Delicious And Affordable Thai Street Food.

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It’s StrEAT and not Street.

Like the name suggests,
For drinks, we had the signature
Thai Milk Tea (RM5.90) (have it either hot or cold) and Fresh Coconut Smoothie (RM8.90) – a fantastic thirst quencher on that sunny afternoon. There’re a handful of traditional appetizers to choose from in their menu. Stacked high, this platter of Fried Chicken Wings (RM17.90) [6 per serving] were finger-licking good, though preference wise, I’d prefer mine with a little less batter. Dip it in the sweet chilli sauce at the side for added flavors.A surprising favorite of the day and also my first taste of Jok Tom Yum! A new addition in their menu, this Tom Yum Porridge with Seafood and Minced Chicken (RM21.90) packs a punch, without being overly fiery. The porridge was thick and had a nice sourness from the tom yum, complimented with generous servings of salmon, squid, prawns and miced chicken. Remember to give the half-boiled egg and porridge a bit of a stir before eating.The addition of green chillies gave this Tom Yum Clear Porridge with Chicken (RM14.90) a decent kick without numbing the tongue. Served in a claypot, the clear tom yum version came with drumstick and chicken wing, minced chicken, chicken balls, and an egg. Delicious! No Thai meal is complete without a serving Papaya Salad With Salted Egg (RM9.90) and Sticky Rice (RM2.00). A strange combination in my humble opinion but I’d hungrily obliged. The sour strips of greens tossed in fish sauce was good, but the sticky rice texture was notably dry, and felt way overdone for comfort.The Braised Beef Noodles (RM11.90) was excellent! Have this either dry or with soup – the beef brisket was remarkably tender and flavorsome; the 10-hour-simmered beef broth tasted rich and aromatic; the rice noodles were done just right. This was easily one of the top picks of our meal. Soon after that, our Streat Thai Tom Yum Noodles (RM15.90) were served. The bowl of springy noodles came loaded with an assortment of seafood condiments, topped with a splatter of tom yum paste. For enhanced flavors, add-in sugar, vinegar, fish sauce or chilli flakes, at the side.The Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice (RM10.90) was a heavenly choice. The perfectly done sticky rice was garnished with shredded coconut, and the metal cup filled with scoops of coconut ice cream at the side – fantastic, just fantastic. It really didn’t take long for us to polish this all up.Red Ruby with Coconut Milk (RM6.90) – no suprises here.It was our lucky day! We were told that mango was extremely sweet that day and true to their words, our Mango Sticky Rice (RM9.90) was a delightful treat – a sweet addition after a hefty meal.
Overall Rating: 8/10. My Thai feast that afternoon was delicious, satisfying and largely affordable to say the least. The Thai-styled Porridge was an interesting addition – something which I’ve not had before and turned out to be one of the favorites of my meal. I’m compelled to return for more Jok Tom Yum! Some of the other highlights of my meal would be the Braised Beef Noodles, Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice and the Mango Sticky Rice.
Streat Thai is located at:Address: 100-G.001 The School No. 72A Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.Phone: 012-907 3581
Email: enquiries@eatatstreat.comOpening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (Sun – Thurs). 11.30am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)

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