Spicy-Scoops#5 & Shills Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Essence

By noreply@blogger.com (sharon loh)

Confession – I havn’t been totally myself lately. I don’t remember the last time I was this-impatient. Taking a tad longer than usual to rebalance my chi over circles of unresolved issues. Anyhow, I think my old self is back now and am running at full swing – dreaming longingly about retail, food and spa therapy that awaits.

It’s Spring time and this week happened to be the week of florals for me. And well – curtains, tablecloths, and foot rags, or so it seems. Right.

. Further information on this product click Here. Thank you Hermo for the box of goodies and MHB.

Remember my First trip to Borneo not long back? This time round, I got to explore the town a wee bit more. Work-being-work, the event went great but I’m not going to talk about that much here. Withal, I’m extremely contented with how things had turned out.

I stayed at this place called Palm Beach Resort in Labuan. They say this place is haunted – but whatever. I was mind blown by the serenity of the ocean and was glad that admist the running around, I had some spare time to take these amazing snapshots using my 4S on HDR mode. The camera+ app is marvelous.

Now, I don’t know about you, but one of life’s greatest reward for me – Travelling! And I will be heading to Bangkok next month! Not my first time over but I’m so hyped up – you can’t even imagine. Gosh, I really need this.

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