Jeju Do Korean Restaurant, Damansara Uptown PJ

By (Spicy Sharon)

I went to Jeju-Do last weekend!

Not the island silly!

The Korean restaurant in Damansara Uptown!

Jeju-do Korean BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant

I first noticed Jeju-do while driving pass, on my way to 1 Utama. Evidently attracted by its glaringly-green signboard from afar, and also from the newly opened, MoMo Paradise Steamboat Buffet Restaurant, right next door.

Like most Korean eateries in town, the cook is a Korean Lady. In any case, I am certainly more appreciative of my dinner, knowing that my meal is cooked by a native.

Notwithstanding, the ambience of the restaurant is relatively simple – wooden furniture and a ventilation hose attached to the ceiling above each table.

The tables had an extra built-in wooden base, right below, meant to store plates I presume. My knees kept on bumping onto the side of the wood that jutted out. Needless to say, I was seated quite uncomfortably throughout my meal.

That’s me – attempting to stir-my-own Yangnyeom Ohjingeo Gui. No need to, really. A server will do on behalf. I’m just being a busybody and having fun with my food – like I always do.

Refillable Side Dishes (banchan).

This time round, I did not refill any of my side dishes. Most probably because it wasn’t that tempting to begin with – one of the driest caramelised anchovies I’ve had.

BBQ Pork Belly (GoChujang Sam Gyeop Sal). Rm30.

If you’re squeamish of fats, beware – this is a slice of tongue-smacking, juicy pork belly, that is meant to be detox-worthy the next day!

Glazed and marinated in Jeju-Do’s traditional chilli sauce, this sweet-savoury-spicy slice of pork belly was delicious. Eat it wrapped in lettuce and garlic for maximum delight!

Squid with Korean Chilli Sauce (Yangnyeom Ohjingeo Gui). Rm35.

My addictive and unforgettable meal of squid-delights started at The Smile of Korea MISO, Avenue K. I’ve been hankering for more ever since.
Jeju-do’s squid dish is cooked right in front of your eyes. The sweet red chili sauce were fiery no doubt, but the bite-sized squids were rather meagre in quantity. Perhaps camouflaged by the generous lot of vegetables. 
Pork Rib Soup (Gamjatang). Rm20.

With every order of a BBQ dish, you get this for free! Not entirely sure if its on daily promotion basis only, or a fixed one in which you can enjoy anytime.

Nevertheless, this pot of Korean pork bone stew with vegetables and potatoes, came a touch sour than I’d expected, but nutritious all in all.

Bulgogi. Rm30.

Served sizzling in an earthenware bowl, you really have to devour this quickly. Overfilled with ingredients, it will soak up most of the soup and dry up in no time!
Though I’m not defying generosity, this version was lacking in that stew-like, sweat broth, traditional bulgogi flavours that I truly enjoy.
Overall Rating: 6/10. The meal was decent, but I figured one or more of the dishes I had were heftily laden with MSG, or what I call – a very salty aftermath. I don’t usually drink mid-way through my meal, a sip to tame the taste buds maybe, but not often enough. This time round, I went on refill-mode.
Jeju Do BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant is located at:
Jalan SS 21/62 Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
03-7727 9981
Open 11am-10pm (Weekdays) 3pm-10pm (Weekends)

Same row as the beauty and slimming outlets, facing the main road. Further down from Jojo’s and 7-11.

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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