Esse Plus Probiotic Serum & Defence Moisturiser Review

By (sharon loh)

When Esse first contacted me, it got me very curious on what probiotic skincare is. I knew that probiotic is a type of good bacteria for the body, but how does that fit into a skincare regime?
Esse specializes in organic skincare products, providing prebiotic nutrition, probiotic supplementation, to maintain a balanced skin PH.

There’re two products which I will be sharing with you in this writeup – Esse Probiotic Serum (RM525/30ml), complimented with Esse Defence Moisturiser (RM475/50ml). Both are part of the Esse Plus range.

This is the first time I’m trying out a probiotic serum. What’s that again you’d ask and what are the benefits to the skin?

The Esse Probiotic Serum is the world’s first probiotic serum, containing more than one billion live probiotic microbes per mililitre. These advanced probotic microbes are disciplined to rectify dehydrated, sensitive or problematic skin types, and the same time, strengthened the barrier for a firmer, fuller and more resilient skin.

To cut things short, it’s meant to correct skin imbalances, as well as slows the ageing process.

On the other hand, the Esse Defence Moisturiser provides daytime protection from pollutants. It also contains an extract of Devil’s Claw, used to modulate the skin’s inflammatory responses and slows the ageing process.

Both the serum and moisturiser are suitable for all skin types.

The Probiotic Serum have a gel-like texture, whereas the Defence Moisturizer is slightly cremier. Both absorbed gently into my skin. It also carries a sweet scent, which I really liked, though it may not be to everyone’s liking.
When I first started using Esse about a month ago, my skin was breaking out a little and extremely dehydrated, post travelling overseas. I used the Esse Defence Moisturiser during the day and Esse Probiotic Serum at night, on an alternate day basis.

My take on the Esse Plus Probiotic Serum

Of the few weeks I’ve been using this serum, one noticeable difference was that my skin was glowing the next morning. Plus, my stressed skin also felt slightly firmer, though it may take awhile to really see the anti-ageing benefits kick in. Having said that, it didn’t provide intense hydration to my combination skin, the drier areas were less flakey but not completely hydrated. Luckily for me also, the product didn’t break me out, but my advise would be to use this serum sparingly, especially for those with sensitive skin.

My take on the Esse Plus Defence Moisturiser

This moisturiser glides on really smoothly upon application. My skin felt instantly moisturised and had a dewy finish. Perhaps it’s the Devil’s Claw extract doing it’s job, my easily inflammed skin also felt much more calmed after that. The product felt very expensive for a daily moisturiser, though I really only needed a pea-sized amount for the entire face.

I’d recommend the product to those who have many pennies to spare, and are scouting for a multi-purpose serum, but do keep a seperate hydrating serum handy.

Again, I have to disclaimed that everyone’s skin reacts differently to any product. For more information on the rest of Esse’s range of products, visit their Esse Probiotic Skincare Website.

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