Being A Year Older. What Really Makes Me Happy?

By (sharon loh) Celebration of being a year older? Definitely not.
Celebration of being a year wiser? Maybe.
Celebration of loving myself more everyday? A sound Yes.

It’s rather uncommon for me to write about overly opinionated deep topics, thought-provoking write-ups in this blog. Although de facto, my writing-style in this blog very much mirrors how I am in reality, though I’m still quite mindful of what gets published on this public domain.

Today however, marked a year of change. Hence I thought I’d write about something which I’ve kept close to me for quite awhile. I’m attempting my hardest to pour my soul out here – so please bear with the emotional rantings.

It has been a rather turbulent journey for me throughout the past year or so… and it still is.

Human beings find happiness in different ways and through different means.

Some people find joy in eating chocolate; some people find in joy having ice cream; some people find joy in gaining knowledge; some people find joy in imparting knowledge; some people find joy simply through monetary gains; some people find joy in self satisfaction; some people find joy through love.

And as for me…

I find joy in the tiniest, and sometimes, monumental things – like snagging a seat on the train in the morning, securing a table for lunch without waiting, and even coincidentally capturing sights of a bright moon when I leave work in the evening. Those are just some of the many-many small things that I find joy in.

Having said that, in the longer run as well as the bigger scheme of things, I have no clue what really makes me happy.

I have never felt so lost.

Do everyone go through the same phase in life?

As cliche as that may have sounded, change – is inevitable to grow as an individual. And with all honesty, I figured I’ve been quite adamant to change. Why change the universe when it’s orbiting just fine?

Without drastic changes, I don’t think I’ve grown much as an individual throughout these years – a despairing self realization that came upon me of late. It was as though I was temporarily lost in translation.

Hence this year, I promised myself to…

Embrace change;
Take more risks;
Be more adventurous;
Be more giving.
Be more willing.
Treat myself like gold.

Putting things into better perspective, this is my year of soul-searching. I’m glad I found the root cause. Now… I just have to find the right solution.

Happy Birthday To Me.

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