Bariuma Ramen, Jaya Shopping Center PJ

By (Spicy Sharon)

Ramen devotees are constantly on the lookout for the best ramen in town.

My essential guide to Ramen is really simple – flavorful but not-too-oily broth, bouncy and well done noodles, with a thick cut of deliciously simmered chashu to add.

Sounds really simple. But did Bariuma meet the mark though?

Meant for those who have a fiery tongue, the Kara-uma comes in the form of spicy soup and the essential lots. If you are wondering what those yellow pickled-lookalike slices are – those are bamboo shoots. Like most Kara-ramen, the spiciness was slow to hit, and it leaves a tinge of fieriness to the tongue on every mouthful.

Noritama-Uma. Rm29.

My top pick of the day and also the chef’s recommendation – Noritama-uma.
One glance at this dish and I thought – well, looks inherently extravagant compared to the rest and has way more seaweed than it probably needs. The fantastic thing about this – the slices of seaweed added the perfect twang to the pork flavored shoyu soup. It was delectable on every slurpful and absolutely addictive. Me and my friends were literally fighting over who gets to finish it. I guess everyone agreed with my verdict as well.
Green Tea Ice Cream. Rm7.90.

A compulsory dessert after a satisfying Japanese meal. This green tea ice cream was not too sweet and had a substantially authentic green tea taste to it.
Black Sesame Ice Cream. Rm7.90.

As much as I love my matcha, my vote would go to this – black sesame ice cream.

This tasted fabulous. The texture of this Italian imported ice cream was very refined, yet packed with an abundance of sesame. I wouldn’t mind having a cup of this everyday. Sinful indulgence I suppose.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10. For a wholesome Japanese meal at Bariuma, I would order – one plate of original gyoza, a bowl of noritama-uma, and a serving of black sesame ice cream for dessert. If I had additional tummy space, I would go for the chashu-uma instead. Closing this review, Bariuma is definitely on top of my ramen list. In my humble opinion, this place could potentially be the Rising Star of Ramen in PJ.

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Address: L3-11, Level 3, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Semangat, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya.
Phone: 03-7932 2958
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm Daily

Bariuma is located inside Jaya Shopping Center, not Jaya One, not Jaya 33. A corner shop lot on level 3.

Food Blog by: Spicy Sharon

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