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By (Spicy Sharon)

Mum has been ranting for months now – on how she misses the pork ribs in Chicago Steakhouse and have been diligently hinting me to accompany her to dine there again. It’s really hard to find restaurants that serves affordable yet tasty steaks and pork ribs around town nowadays. Lets not compare against the likes of Chicago Steakhouse, Tony Roma’s and my all time favourite – Morganfields of course! I figured she ought to go for something less conventional this time round. Hence, I suggested going to a local pork joint instead.

BellyGood Some time ago I wrote about the fabulous meal I had in BellyGood Here.
On a weekend with good traffic, it’s about 15 minutes drive from the heart of SS2 to Sunway Mentari. There was no problem getting a parking spot when we arrived at lunch time on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

In the few times I’ve been here, the place has never been packed, with only 4-5 tables occupied at most, even during lunch time.
My friend who has been dining in here since his early childhood days, told me that prices have been increasing drastically over the years – evident over the paste-over revised price tags on its menu.

The owners are Chinese – a lady in her mid-50’s and a man in his 40’s. I figured they often take turns to manage the place as I’ve not seen them together before. (do correct me if I’m wrong) The last time I was here, the Man don a white apron and was obviously the cook of the kitchen – blasting up heated stove of chargrilled and succulent bites of pork ribs and steaks for the eager customers. However today, I noticed that a Pilipino was the one doing all the cooking and another doing the serving and prepping, whilst the lady boss only took orders. Malaysians have always been a bias bunch and sceptical towards the quality of food prepared by foreign workers – however trained and skilful they are. Although I have to say, this is a norm in most restaurants nowadays already, cheap labour and rising living costs you know! Now, lets see how the food fairs. Trio Platter. Rm29.90.

My Trio Platter came with a serving of two sticks of pork ribs, a portion of pork belly and a chorizo sausage. Together with some homemade mashed potato and coleslaw at the side.

I love the chorizo. I sliced it up in even portions before popping it one by one into my mouth.

What I thought was a let down in the overall trio platter – the pork ribs. The first bite is always the most deceiving but amazing one – meat cooked juicy and tender and came right off it’s bone. The subsequent bites is the real deal. I thought the ribs wasn’t flavourful enough – it was tasty from the final basting of sauce on the surface but not marinated well, hence, didn’t have the burst of flavours that I was dying for.

Pork Belly. Rm27.90.

At hindsight, the portion came generous. The pork belly was aromatic, glistening and perhaps a little bedazzled, sitting in a plateful of savoury brown sauce when served. My brother thought the pork belly came a little too fatty – some would’ve enjoyed the layers of fat but my family clearly wasn’t huge on this. I thought likewise. The lean bits though, was amazing.
Pork Ribs. Rm29.90.

Mum ordered a serving of pork ribs. She didn’t have much to complain nor compliment for that matter.
Like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I found the homemade mashed potatoes and coleslaw to be clandestinely amazing. The scoopful of fluffy goodness was mashed fine and the coleslaw was equally fabulous. I was picking through the coleslaw trying to figure out what secret ingredient was, to make me so die-hard like that. Guess what? It’s purple onions! Overall Rating: 6/10. The quality of food served seemed a little inconsistent. I had an amazing time chomping down on delicious pork in my previous visit but the food was a little shabby this time round. Despite my not so pleasurable experience, I still stubbornly insist that this place serves one of the most value for money pork ribs and pork belly in town. Menu is available Here.
BellyGood is located at:
20, Jalan PJS 8-18, Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03 5630 1699
Open daily except Mondays, 11am-11pm
Coming into Sunway Mentari, turn right at the traffic lights, go straight and Belly Good will be on your left hand side.

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