Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant, Section 14 PJ

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It may look like I’m on a Korean streak here, knowing that I just went to
Korean Steamed Egg.

Nicely fluffed up bowl of steamed eggs that was calling out for me to poke through.

Kimchi Soup. Rm16.00.

My nose would go all-runny every time I have a dose of Kimchi Jjigae. A bowl of hot and spicy soup that would always make me reach out for tissues.

This version wasn’t as spicy as I thought it to be – unexpectedly toned down and a little less flavourful perhaps.

Beef Ribs Stew. Rm19.00.

My enticing bowl of simmered beef ribs stew turned out surprisingly – clear.

Many would’ve disapproved however, probably noting that it was lacking in flavour. I would’ve vetoed that, but was glad that it didn’t turn out like one of those over-flavoured, over-rich stew that would probably get too salty midway and overwhelmingly salty towards the end. That said, if you’d ask me again on a bright sunny day, I may default from what I just said.

Nevertheless, there were quite a fair portion of beef ribs in this. The meat was moist, fell off the bones easily and with a few knobbly lumps of fat still intact. There were vermicelli noodles at the bottom too.

Complimentary Dessert.

Now, I can’t exactly tell what dessert this is, as it was merely placed on the table in a hurry by a seemingly agitated waiter, midway through my meal. Bit too anxious for dessert don’t you think? What I can tell you is that it was amazingly good, undeniably refreshing and a great chilled dessert tea. It had shaved ice in the middle with a tinge of cinnamon and ginger flavours inside.
Overall Rating: 7/10. Bypassing the unhappy server, I had a decent meal. The dishes I sampled was good and banchan superb – for all the wrong reasons so it seemed. All in all, a decent Korean restaurant in PJ worth visiting.

Dae Jang Geum is located at:
20B-2 & 3, Jalan 14/20, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya
603-7957 2613

Located right above a corner Chinese hawker shoplot.

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