Butter Cake @ Section 17, Petaling Jaya

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butter cake from Section 17

I have been slowly exploring Section 17’s food joints and one day, I stumbled on this discovery, a drinks stall that also sold homemade butter cake by special order.

Spurred on by some regular customers who had sampled the cake before, I decided to take a risk and order it to try.

butter cake unassembled

Each block was sold for RM10.

I loved the cake’s soft moist crumb. Very old fashioned with a bright yellow colour.

While the texture was top class, admittedly it fell short in the aroma department. Not buttery enough with a slight artificial tinge I felt, so maybe they used butter spreads instead of actual butter.

Butter cake from OUG Market
butter cake from OUG market

Coincidentally, a friend of mine had bought butter cake from the OUG market (1 box is RM8). While that cake has a strong distinctive buttery smell, the texture is rather firm with a fine tight crumb.

Even though I preferred that OUG version for its taste, in comparison I found it a little too hard versus the other cake that had such a moist loose crumb.


Too bad, I can’t get the best of both worlds – the moist crumb from the Section 17 place and a lovely buttery aroma from the OUG market one. I guess I should really just bake my own.

Despite the not so aromatic taste, we did enjoy the cake with maple flavoured ice cream made from rich Hokkaido cream. Simply oishii when paired with the cold treat.

Butter Cake
corner drinks stall (see sign above for shop)
Jalan 17/1A Foodcourt
Next to the Section 17 wet market
Petaling Jaya

(Pork free. One cake is RM10. Prior order is needed. Click on this link for the full set of Flickr pictures.)

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