KY eats – Top 1 Chicken Rice, Klang

Last week mom was here for a bit, so naturally it was my duty as a son to bring her form some breakfast worthy of trying. And since we’ve had bak kut teh, and red wine mee suah the day prior, I thought it was appropriate that we try one of the other less “normal” breakfast choices – chicken rice.

chicken rice with mom
chicken rice with mom

Yeap, chicken rice is as popular as the first meal of the day in Klang as it is for lunch or dinner.

We headed to Jalan Gelugor for one of my favorite chicken rice fix in the area – Top 1 Chicken Rice. The stall is located at the same food court with the Jalan Batai Char Kuih Teow – with zinc roof, plastic furniture, and generally acceptable hygiene  standard.

Top 1 chicken rice offers only steamed chicken, of normal and “walk on the ground” chicken, which I assumed to be kampung, or organic variety.

perfectly cooked steamed chicken with Bentong ginger
perfectly cooked steamed chicken with Bentong ginger

What sets this place apart though is their use of Bentong ginger as condiment in addition to their home made chili sauce. As you maybe aware of, Bentong is often touted as the place that produces the best ginger in the country, with its slightly more spicy and stronger taste profile. I love it, so did mom.

The chicken too is steamed perfectly, on that fine line between being under cooked and overly hard/tough when you boiled chicken seemingly only half a minute too long.

dark soya sauce on rice is the Klang way
dark soya sauce on rice is the Klang way

Overall, this is as proper as chicken rice goes, I’ve heard that you can request for rice balls as well, maybe I’d have to try that next time.


Food Court
Jalan Gelugor
Meru, Klang
GPS3.050413, 101.451221

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