MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

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This post might be half a year late but it’s only recently that I’ve got my hands on 2 packets, thanks to a friend who haul it for me.

It’s been a while when one of my chat buddies recommended us to give it a try, but after countless trips to hypermarkets, we can’t seem to find it until very recently a friend of us managed to find a box.

48 packs of White Curry Noodles!


It’s proven to be a instant hit among locals studying abroad because of it’s flavour, and also ranked No 7 in a popular noodle blog.


The pack comes with 3 separate packets of ingredients, the flavouring, the creamer and the chilli paste.

IMG_3941 IMG_3943

The noodles before and after the creamer.


While some prefer to put the chilli paste after the whole thing have cooked, I put it in in the process just in case.


The flexibility is that you can add any other ingredients that you like and it will still taste good. The broth although is spicy, is just nice for me and full of flavour although the taste does feel a bit artificial in a way but it taste almost the same like the one that I normally cook myself using the instant curry laksa paste. If you’re tired of eating the spongy noodles, my guess is you can always switch in the yellow noodles or mee hoon for your own liking.

At the time of writing, some hypermarts have started selling it to grab it while you can as I heard that stocks ran out pretty fast.

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