How to cook ayam masak merah (malay red-cooked chicken) – hari raya special (picture)

In conjunction, with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, here is the how to cook blog for the special festival. I will soon post the cooking video, so stay tuned here is the video cooking blog and keeping scrolling with your fat finger for the main ingrediants.

Here is the most important ingredients and also my favorite but we're not frying it this time, (psss, my nick is fried-tomato) the Tomato Puree (Pati Tomato). One can of this will be sufficient.

Next, the onions that have been sliced as per shown.

Heat up the oil, and fry the chicken. oh~ please bear in mind that we're not doing fried chicken so take it out when it is 70% cooked. Tips: Do Not fry the chicken for too long or else, the chicken will become very hard.

70% cooked chicken. and you prepared the malay red-cooked chicken sauce (ayam masak merah) and done. how simple! (will post the cooking video soon)

Tada, here is the Malay red-cooked chicken (Ayam Masak Merah).

others ayam masak merah,

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