The Taiwanese Food search continued at Restoran Taiwan Noodle House, ss2

The taiwanese food search had continued, and now i had found some good taiwanese food that worth talking and i liked. First will be the pork chop, try it now or regret later. The pork chop comes with certain noodles but if you were to just order the pork chop, it is extra rm4.00. (i felt that it is a little expensive for that little portion)

This is the one i ordered the "chap choi" noodles, it tastes really good after you put in all the red chillies that come with the noodles. Not denying the chillies here is good.  

Here's the delicious beef noodle with pork chop and the ambassador. (for this i think he deserved a free meal) he is our application director and you should look at his reaction when he tasted the noodles, because of that i tried the soup although i don't take beef. (he can really sell anything, Haha) I have tasted the soup, slurp~ it is good !

Tada, here is our 3d animator with his curry chicken noodles. (I believe if you follow the blog, you must have seen his over-eaten look in my previous blog on Hakkan food) He told me the curry was good but somehow i don't really understand why he posed that way.

The address of the place, like usual if you do not know the place just buy me lunch and i will bring you there.

Restoran Taiwan Noodle House
20 Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun (8.30am-10pm), Monday (8.30am-5pm)

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