The 30 years old Wan Tan Mee stall in Klang

Finally I manage to free myself to try out the Wan Tan Mee recommended by my dad located at the heart of klang. (it is near the Maybank branch at Jalan Meru) I believe the older people will know this place, as the owner told me that he been selling at here for over 30 years. If you ask most of klang people, i think they will know this place. (except YOUNG man like me) If you have time, you should check out this funny ah see wan tan mee history revealed by suanie.

The highly recommended dish will be the Wan Tan (also called wonton, wanton) that literally means "swallowing clouds". This is the best Wan Tan i ate before so far. I feel so lucky for ordering additional Wan Tan that day. Trust me the Wan Tan is good, you should never miss this.

This is another lesson for ordering "small" Wan Tan Mee (check previous lesson at the Clay Pot Chicken Rice blog) This is what happen when you said small Wan Tan Mee, so don't regret. My gf keep complaining that she is not full after ate this. Haha, look at my big bowl of soupy Wan Tan Mee below. The price is here is rather cheap compare to other places, even that is very small portion but that is just for RM 2.50. I doubt you could still find any food that is below RM3.50 else where. Klang Food Ambassador said (me): If you want real good cheap food, come to klang more often.

The soupy Wanton Mee, with the "char siew" (roasted barbecued pork meat slices) This remind me of the Wan Tan Mee in the INTI College Nilai at the MPH (Multi Purposes Hall) which we ate almost everyday. If you need more mouth-watering review on Wanton Mee, then you should check out Wantan Mee @ Jalan Brunei Utara, Pudu, KL by masak-masak

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