Restaurant Number One Clay Pot Rice

This is another Malaysia dish, Clay Pot Chicken Rice. They have just recently moved to Taman Berkeley, Klang. (They are just neighbour to the The famous mee hoon kuey in klang i blogged previously. ) Their specialty is the cooking is done over a charcoal stove and i find that the food is good with a very affordable price.

Here is the picture of our Clay Pot Chicken Rice, you get a lot of salted fish and the chinese sausage. Normally it is order per head (person) and we ordered one and a half for two person, as we afraid we might not able to finish it. Tips, try not to order one and a half as you get very little chicken (as per picture) and the price is not much different from the two person portion. (my advise after the second visit) The clay pot chicken rice for two person is RM 9.00

In additional, to the Clay Pot Chicken Rice, you can order side dishes like soup. (They have variety of soup) This soup is for only RM 4

All the clay pot chicken rice was cooked over the charcoal stove and the serving is very fast.

See! others get more chicken then we do. so regret after ordered the one and half "head" that day.

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