Pan Mee at Taman Klang Utama, Klang 1

If you loved Pan Mee or Mee Hoon Kuih as much as i do, something like you willing to eat 3 meals of Mee Hoon Kuih in a day. Then maybe you should drop by here to try it out, this is the place that i will always think of when i think of eating mee hoon kuih/pan mee for dinner. Well, the other place will be the one that i blogged previously The famous mee hoon kuih in klang. If you asking which is better, i will say that both are different. Each has its own good, this one is basically the soup, the location and the operation hours (it's for dinner)

These are the essential when you eat mee hoon kuih/pan mee, the chili and the anchovies. This will affect how good the pan mee tastes, like the place that i blogged previously, they are not so much on the chili but the noodles (pan mee/mee hoon kuih) are good. So each has its own strength and weakness.

This is the crowd here during weekday, the picture described everything.

It is located in Taman Klang Utama, it is at the road between the secondary school and the econsave.  Oh, and if you are mee hoon kuih/pan mee addict like me and you know any places that sell good pan mee / mee hoon kuih, please leave me a message. slurp~

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