Mother’s Day special – What do we do on mother’s day – part 2 1

Here's the part 2

This is simple step, remember the meat at part 1?

Here our's deco, tomato. it was my sis idea. keep scrolling and you will see the outcome.

Tada, will you able to guess what it is? and i wonder at first place when my sis position as such.

Many may thought this is just a steamed chicken, but you will be surprise it is actually black pepper steamed chicken.

The herb prawns soup.

This is the "lion head" meat ball and also my favorite.

our vege with love hehe.

fruits with love from dad. can you see the heart shape? haha, well when my sis first showed me and ask "do you know what it is" and i answered "yes, mango and papaya"

baskin robin mocha cake for mum. i felt that this over priced. try guess how much it is. RM 89

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