Mother’s Day special – What do we do on mother’s day – part 1 2

This is what we did on the 12 May 2007, mother's day . I have suggested to my sister to cook a dinner for mum. The reasons are mother's day is getting commercialize so eating out on that day going to be expensive and it going to be so crowded with people. Further, we could experience how it feel like to perpare and cook the food everyday.

Here is a simply walkthrough when we are perparing the food. We fried some garlic which my sister cuts into small cube. That's alot of garlic, so i am not sure how much tear was in there, when she is cutting it.

Cuts some onion leaf (if that is what you called it and smash it.

Mixing it with some water and ginger and pour it to the salted eggs yolk. This is one of the tips she learned from the cooking show.

The preparation of the meat ball, aka "The Lion Head" Put in the flavouring and mix it.

some squeezing of "tau fu" for the meat ball

and then the mixing it with the meat

cutting …. perharps if you would like to know, my dad doing the cutting. Well, you see the whole family is serving the "queen" today. Before all these, I have asked our's "queen" to go to my room, to sit back, relax and watch some movie, so while the hard work is carrying in the kitchen, i quitely sneak back into the room, and took a million dollar shot.

here is the "queen", without her noticing i took this picture.

and here we prepare our herbs soup with prawns. This is just the initial stage where we start preparing the soup, no worry more to come on the part 2.

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