Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum

Another hot spot for dim sum in Ipoh will be Ming Court. After reading the Foh San blog written by kampungboycitygirl, it inspired me to introduce this restaurant to all the readers. This place is also always full of people, so my advice is go early. This time I went there with my whole family including all aunties and uncles. So I think I can show you more pictures.

This picture shows you the "Chah Siew Pau" from Ming Court. This is also one of their famous dim sum. Wah, I will feel hungry no matter how many time I look at this picture. What do you think?

This is the yam cake which is my favorite among all. Yummy!~

This is so-called "Wu Kok" in cantonese. The crispy skin is made of yam and it is stuffed with lean pork meat.

Ming Court's signature will be their fish ball but I don't quite like it.:P

This small little pau is very special as I can't find any from else where. It is very soft and it is stuffed with chicken meat.

The above are the typical dim sum that you can find them easily from any dim sum restaurant. My comment to this Ming Court is nothing very special and the dim sum are come in smaller size as compared to other restaurants. But in this place, they sell some very special desserts.

What do you think about this soup? Yes, this black soup is the nutritious sesame soup. Black sesame is good for the growing of black hair. I will never miss it every time I visit there.

Another dessert will be "Lian Chi" soup.

After the last time I came here, I can say that Klang Meixin restaurant is better than Ming Court. If you have a chance to try both, give me your comment.

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum
Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Close On Every Thursday



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