McD Jr. Country Grilled Chicken Burger is back? 2

Yesterday when i was going for another try on the McD Properity Burger, and by accidentally i saw the Jr. Country Grilled Chicken Burger ads so immedietely i asked the cashier if this burger available already? and surprisingly he answered "i do not know about it" and seem that not only this burger was not heavily advertised (check out the previous topic on the burger which it was came to the conclusion that not many people knew about the burger) and even the McD staff don't know about the burger.

I checked their website RM3.00 for the burger but i doubted whether it is an outdated piece of information or something that is worth waiting. Myself i find that the burger is good and worth sharing with the community. If anyone gets further info on the burger please do post here to inform us, and i sincerely hope that it tastes as good as the last time i tried it.

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