Kueh Teow Kia Near Plaza Pelangi JB

Continuation from my previous blog, introducing another JB's local specialty, Kueh Teow Kia. This stall that I tried is located in a shop (restoran Ka Hoe) behind Plaza Pelangi, at the end of a stretch of shops. Highly reccomended for pork lovers 😉

Stall Name

The Kueh Teow Kia is served in soup. Its soup has the 5-spices (ng heong) together with some chinese herbs (tong kuai) taste. It really tastes different from the other kueh teow soup I've ever tried. its keuh teow is smooth, I wouldn't say its uper smooth, but its texture is really tender yet spongy. contradicting ay…;-p You can have a look how it looks like when served 😉

Kueh Teow

Yeah, the kueh teow is served with plain soup only. You'll need to order side dishes to go with it. the side dishes are mostly pork: intestines, stomach, different part of pork meat….etc and others like taohu, egg…etc.

Taohu, intestines and egg.

Taohu egg intestines

Layered meat.




Yeah, its kind of oily-type and high cholestrol type of food, but its nice. Once awhile wouldn't cause you much problems….hehe.

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