Ipoh Sun Yuan Loong White Coffee 1

Guess what!~This time I am going to introduce one of the most famous food (Oops, sorry, it's should be drink) in Ipoh, which is the Sun Yuan Loong White Coffee. Frankly speaking, I seldom visit this restaurant but this time due to my KL uncle suggestion, we had our breakfast there. Do you feel curious of why I seldom go there even though they are so famous? Look at the picture below, you will find out the answer:p

See!~Crazy man, full of people!~ That morning, we hardly found a place to sit. Guess where we sat? Haha!~We sat beside the road.

This is the famous white coffee. I can tell that the coffee is thick and the taste is very strong. It didn't taste as other coffee, its' coffee aroma can stay in your throat for a long time (if you have sore throat, please avoid it). Honestly I personally don't like the taste cause I can't get use to the taste, but if you are a coffee lover, you can never miss it. Coming up next will be the mixed coffee which was recommended by my uncle.

Why we named it as mixed? Is's because it's made up with the mixing of white coffee and tea.

The picture above illustrates how the workers carry the coffee. Very creative, right?

The two pictures above will be the toast bread with butter and kaya and the second one will be the yam cake. I personally feel that both are ordinary. Beside that, they also have chee cheong fun and other mee soup.

This is the front picture of this restaurant. Sorry for not providing the address cause they don't have name card. I will write down the street name if I have a chance to get back to there.



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