Ipoh Pengkalan Pasar Malam Part II

I introduced what food we have in Ipoh pengkalan pasar malam (night market) in my part I blog. In part II, I will write about the desserts as I promised. Since most of the time people go to pasar malam for dessert, so now I emphasize more on some special desserts in pengkalan pasar malam.

The picture above depicts a special Taiwanese dessert with the name "snowy", in Chinese we call it as 雪花冰. As you can see in the picture, the "snow" is actually not in white color, it is yellowish in stead. According to the stall owner, the snow is made up of Valina and just because of that, it is sweet. Beside that, there are many flavors for you to choose.

Picture above shows some flavors that he offers. The flavor combination we had was pineapple and strawberry.

After that, we saw something new. It was the fried ice.

This is how he fried the ice. The ice was then put into a cup and being sold. After we tasted the ice, we realized that the ice was actually fried with some coconut juice and coconut fruits. We think it tasted better than the snowy cause I personally think that the snowy was too sweet.

Other than the above new comers, we also have "pearl tea" (珍珠奶茶 in chinese) which is shown in the above picture.

The last two pictures will be the sugarcane stall. Nothing very special, it's just that it's fresh and good for health.

I strongly hope that readers from other part of Malaysia do write some blogs about the pasar malam in your place so that good things are shared among all.:)

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