Ipoh Pengkalan Pasar Malam I 7

For the past two weeks, I went back to my hometown Ipoh to spend my Uni holiday. Every time when I go back home, other than my parents, one person will be very happy. This lovely girl is my younger cousin. She likes to go pasar malam very much and I am the only one who will bring her there. We of course will always go to the nearest pasar malam which is the one located in Pengkalan, operates every thursday night. This is a typical Malaysia Chinese night market cause you can find all sort of malaysian Chinese food over there.

Wah, can you see the fish balls above? This stall sells all sort of steam food including pau and fish ball. If you like to eat hot and fresh food, I recommend this to you.

Beside of the fish ball stall, you can find a stall that sells all sort of fried food including fried chicken, nuggets, fish balls, sausages and etc. We didn't eat any of this cause we both are also on diet!~haha!~

This time I saw a new stall which sells tarts. The two pictures above show the tarts that they have. One slice cost RM2 if i am not mistaken. Variety flavor and colorful tart become their attraction in the market.

If you still not satisfy after eating the tarts, you can go for this steamboat so called "Lok Lok" in Cantonese. Fish balls, meat balls, octopus, chicken meat and etc are made into stick and then they will be cook with boiled water. People always eat these with sweet and chili sauce.


Another new comer will be the Taiwanese fried salted chicken. Chickens are cut into pieces and are being fried. This dish is normally served with chili powder.

Other than all those that I blog today, there are also other many many foods being sold there. For examples the laksa, fried kuew tiao, taiwanese sausages and a lot more!~ That night we didn't eat much. We tried the taiwanese fried salted chicken. I think it was not bad but if the chili powder is made to be more spicy, the chicken will taste better.

What we had that night were some special desserts. If you interested to know more about what we had for drinks and dessert. Please stay tune for my next blog.

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