Ipoh Most Famous Instant Chee Cheong Fun + the making 3

Today I am going to bring you to the most famous Chee Cheong Fun in Ipoh. For your information, I come from Ipoh and I was staying in Pasir Pinji last time. From knowing from background, trust me that I will only bring you the best in Ipoh.

This stall is located in Jalan Pasir Pinji 5 and I was living in Jalan Pasir Pinji 2 last time but I seldom went to this stall cause it would always spend me at least 1 hour for the meal. Their most famous thing is thier instant cooking of their Chee Cheong Fun. This stall is owned by an old couple. The wife is responsible to cut the Chee Cheong Fun and mix it with sauses whereas the husband is making the Chee Cheong Fun at the back of the house.

As shown in the picture above, the Chee Cheong Fun was served with sweet sauce, green cillies, cilli sause, sesame and fried green onions. Look delicious, itn't it?

I would advise you to take the number from her once you reach there in stead of sitting down. Guess what? That saturday I got a number of 24 when i reached there but they told me the current number was 4! But we still decided to eat so we found a place to sit. But slowly we realized that most of the customers before us were ordering at least 10 packets of the Chee Cheong Fun. Most of them don't prefer eating there because they can't afford to sit there for more than 1 hour. What they normally do is to take number and go else where then later come back for their order.

While waiting, I took an golden opportunity to take down the process of making the famous Chee Cheong Fun. I think not many of us have the opportunity to withness the process of making and I would like to share my experience with you with these pictures. The first thing of all was to get the owner permission to shot down his making process. What I realised was uncle poured some white watery liquid to the cooker.

Secondly, he put the small dried prawns on it. I can see he was very generous for that.

Thirdly, cut the while piece into rectangular pieces.

This was the instant Chee Cheong Fun. Note that thier Chee Cheong Fun was continuously being made to make sure it was always fresh and hot. If you really have a chance to visit them, you can see that they don't use any warmer to keep the Chee Cheong Fun warm as other ordinary Chee Cheong Fun.

Picture showing Chee Cheong Fun after mixing all the sauses.

They have one side dish which is the fish ball for the customer to eat while they are waiting for the Chee Cheong Fun.

This is the must try Ipoh dish…

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