Ipoh Mah Chee and Peanut paste

"Mah Chee" (cantonese) is also one of the local food in Ipoh. I am not sure I can find any Mah Chee in other part of Malaysia but this stall is always be my favorite one in Ipoh. (Hmmm… is this the only stall in Malaysia? HeHe, I am not so sure:P).

The Hong Kee Mah Chee is owned by this couple. They were very friendly when I requested for the photo taking. See her smiling face!~

The Mah Chee was initially in one big piece (I think it is made of flour) but later on the auntie used her hand to make it into small round pieces. The Mah Chee were rolled on some sugar and peanut powder. After that, she packed the Mah Chee with some additional peanut powder.

This picture shows a clearer look of the Mah Chee.

Other than Mah Chee, they also sell peanut paste. The picture above shows the thick and sweet peanut paste they have. Remember the last blog I wrote? Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum. In that blog, I introduced sesame paste to you but this time will be the peanut paste.

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