Hakka Food at Hakka Recipe Restaurant

Let start with the history of Hakka, before we talk about the nice Hakka food. Hakka people are migratory tribes of ethnic Han people originated from central. There is a mistaken view that Hakka cuisine is pragmatic and based on preserved foods. Hakka cuisine concentrates on the texture of food – the hallmark of Hakka cuisine. At here, they have a very nice seating and a very cosy surroundings.

The signature dish at Hakka Recipe Restaurant, "yong tau fu" 釀豆腐 (stuffed tofu cube) for this size it is only cost 80sen each. (ps, there are two tau fu in that)  The tofu cube was heaped with minced meat and braised with soup and some places they deep fried it till golden brown.

Our's fried "Hakka yong tau fu", and that's the fried version of WanTan and also the fried "fu pei" (ops, no translation this time. If you know just let me know)

more "yong tau fu", we got fishballs (note, our pretty food blogger still alive, fishball. We did not cook her, although it been a while we don't see blog from her) and my favorite yong tau fu. The fishball was quite nice, but 80sen for one fishball is quite expensive to me.

The butter chicken, and our friend here really can't wait for me to take the picture. sigh~ He is real hungry, RM 7 for this.

Tada, one more dish, "yau mak". I know it is abit too many for two person. We aslo got a very hard time trying to finish all the food, we don't waste food Hehe. This dish is just overkill, RM 8 for that little "yau mak" (maybe they think, it is too many dish for us so we get less) and surprisingly the vegetable is more expensive then the butter chicken.

This is how it look like after a very very full lunch and they got a very relaxing chair. If you ask, will i still come again? the answer is YES, because we saw the curry choo cheong fun ordered by our neighbour table. It looks very nice.

Hakka Recipe Restaurant
No 12-1, Jalan PJU 8/5B, Damansara Perdana Business Centre,
Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820. PJ Sel

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