Easy House Cafe at Ipoh Parade Roof Top 1

If you happen to have a chance to visit Ipoh, I think Ipoh Parade will be a place that is best for you to shop here. This place is actually the hot spot for most of the youngster cause it is located at the center of a few secondary schools. This place is famous for shopping no doubt but how about the restaurants they have inside? If you are looking for something local, I would like to recommend Easy House cafe to you. It is located at the roof top of Ipoh Parade.

I took this picture quite some time already. It was around Christmas time, I went there with my parents. I can still remember, it was a memorable family day. What we had that day were as below

Most of the dishes they have are normally white rice served with some fish or chicken. As shown in the picture above, it is a fried fish with rice.

You can see the fried chicken cube served with rice and some salted fish in the picture. This is my favorite, I always order this every time I visit them.

There should be 3 of us but since my father was so hungry that day so I didn't dare to stop him from eating. Hence, I have only 2 pictures this time. Hope you enjoy reading it:)

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