Char Par Par Steamboat Restaurant at Klang

Klang is also known for it's Steamboat beside the Bak Kut Teh and most of them are being ran by "Pulau Ketam" people. "Pulau Ketam" is a small island located off the coast of klang and 80% of the villagers are fishermen so i believe now you know why klang is also known for it's Steamboat. When i am "googling" for some info on Pulau Ketam, and i am amazed by their very own official website A simple but yet very informative site.

This is one of the steamboat restaurants in klang, I will blog other places as i receive more support in term of money. Hahaha, joking~ just share the best "makan place" (eatery) you have been to. Their special here is the porridge steamboat, so far this is the only one i know in klang but today we ordered the soup. At here, they have tom yam, porridge and the normal soup.

This is the highly recommended prawn cake (虾糕) the small one will cost RM 5 and it comes with 8 pieces. This is superb, and it is only available here. I have not seen this elsewhere else but we find that it is getting expensive and less things (seafood). RM 13 per person, it is rather cheap to other outstation people but this is Klang !! Klang is just a small town compared to petaling jaya, Kuala Lumpur etc, so to me it is overcharged.

Something that you can not miss when you eat steamboat, the chili !! The chili is as good as other places in klang, not much different.

This is the best time for steamboat. Rainy day! As you see in the picture, it is opposite the Bumiputra Commerce. (Near the roundabout at Klang Bus Station) If you could not find the way, and you are buying me dinner then i might able to show you the way πŸ™‚


Char Par Par Steamboat Restaurant
No 6, Ltg Gelugor Off Persiaran Sultan Ibrahim, 41300 Klang Selangor
Tel: 03-3343 1458

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