Asian-style sausages and hotdogs at GoGo Franks, MidValley Megamall


I am always like the idea of food kiosk, it is simple, fast and straight forward without needing to wait for the seats, going through the comprehensive menu. After my last write up on the "on the go king pie at suria klcc", here is the 2007 "quick food", (food that faster then fast food)  GoGo Franks. The Asian-style sausages. You will know what it's means later, just keep reading and promise to tell your friends about

The pictures above shown the Panini Farmer's cheese sausage, this is not my favorite because of the bread was too hard and it actually "spoiled" the taste of the cheese sausage. Not so cheesy as what i have expected, i should scream for extra cheesy next time! o.k, and this is rm5.50. Order this if you're hungry, because it is kinda filling.

This is the Pita Pocket Turkey ham, rm3.60. We ordered this later because the way they cook the sausages was too tempting. Good, they got the marketing right. I liked the name "pita pocket" and this goes into the second place if i were to rank it. 


and this is the winner, the Prata Black Pepper sausage which i perfer to call it "roti canai" sausage. Try it and you will agree with what i said. They has other flavours of sausages too, and because i don't get extra sausages in my order so i am not going to mention 'em here. (o.k just pardon me, i couldn't recall it so if you know it just post a comment below)

Where is GoGo Franks located? if you pay enough attention, you will actually score better in your college and notice that it is in MidvValley Megamall and now i am telling you it is in the lowest floor. (look! the place where you will see a lot foods? and if you still couldn't find where it is, keep snifting.) argh, almost forget. rm4.60 for the winner.

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