THE UMA Strand Kota Damansara

By bigboysoven

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THE UMA is definitely the place to be if you are seeking for a truly Balinese food experience, “Authentic Balinese Cuisine, Relaxing Hideout”. The food served here is simple yet special and so easy to associate with, simplicity is the best word to describe the whole experience I had during my visit at The Uma, very relaxing indeed.

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the uma 10the uma 13Chef Yau Chan

The perfection in creation and chef’s dedication had transformed The Uma into a place that I myself would love to dine in, gorgeous food, well decorated, relaxing and very affordable. At The Uma, we can experience the extravagant feast of Balinese food which is only available during temple ceremony of births, weddings and other religious celebrations, isn’t it wonderful? I found out that they serve they house specialty “Nasi Ratus”, an individul -serving of Balinese nasi campur, just amazingly interesting.

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