Wine Tasting Just Like A Pro

Wine Tasting Just Like A Pro

There has been a growing interest nowadays with wine tasting and as what you may fail to realize there is more to wine tasting than just actually sipping it. If stored appropriately and aged accordingly, wine can be a very invigorating drink full of flavor.

As you may observe from professional wine tasters, wine tasting have general rules and guidelines to help judge the quality of a particular wine. Knowing these techniques will help bring your wine tasting experience to a different level as you learn to appreciate how each step contributes to the overall taste of the wine.

The first step to wine tasting is taking a look at the wine. You are to fill the glass with wine not more than half full, one third of the glass would be ideal and you are to hold it at the stem so as not to heat it from the temperature of your hand which can somehow affect the taste. Plus, holding the wine glass from the stem enables you to see the intensity of the wine’s color. The color of white wines are actually green, yellow or brown while red wine are typically dark brown or pale red. Red wine tastes better as it ages while on the other hand a white wine’s taste gets stale with age.

The next step would be to smell the wine. You can take a brief smell of the wine after which you take a deep smell to enable you to take in the flavors of the wine. Professional wine tasters even sit back and think about the smell for a short while before taking a taste of it.

In tasting the wine, you take a sip of it and you basically swish it around your mouth before swallowing it. The swishing enables you to get the wine’s taste as taste buds both in the front and back areas of your tongue determine tastes like sweet, bitter or salty. The swishing inside your mouth enables your taste buds and sense of smell to bring out the wine’s unique rich flavors. Your sense of smell has a significant effect on the taste of the wine as about 75% of the taste is accounted for by our smell. Having a cold can significantly affect the taste of the wine.

These steps basically help you evaluate the quality of the wine, the after taste and the overall distinguishing flavors that make a particular wine unique.

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