Wine And Its Effects To Your Health

Drinking wine or alcohol has been known to be the causes of cancer of the liver and negative social aspects but studies have indicated that it has beneficial effects to one’s health as well.

Research indicates that drinking a moderate amount of wine helps reduce your bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, increases good cholesterol, lowers chances of having stones in the kidney, increases bone density and improves memory. These are basically just some of the many benefits that come when you drink wine in moderation of course.

The discovery of the good health effects of wine especially red wine came about when a doctor advocated and supported that red wine helps reduce heart disease as a result of the findings that many people in France who drink red wine with their meals despite high fat diet experience low occurrence of heart disease among them.

Heart disease is basically caused by the cholesterol build up in the arteries. The heart experiences damage and problems when the arteries block the passage of oxygen into it. Red wine helps alleviate this problem as medical research has proven that moderate drinking of not more than two glasses of red wine daily has actually helped reduced by as much as 50% the risk of experiencing heart attack. It can even help avoid future attacks even if you had experienced one before.

The presence of bad cholesterol or low density lipo-protein (LDL) is what causes the blockage in the arteries. The presence of good cholesterol or high density lipo-protein (HDL) helps reduce the blockage and cleans the bad cholesterol. Red wine basically helps increase the HDL to help create a balance.

Wine is practically rich in natural sugars, vitamins and minerals that are essential in maintaining good health. It is rich in Vitamin B and good for the heart as it is high in potassium content. The process with which red wine is made makes it have more of these nutrients as the grapes are fermented with their skins on when making red wine. Many of the nutrients are found on the grape’s skin.

Researches have also indicated that wine or alcohol have disinfectant or cleansing properties that helps kill health causing problem germs. They help you sleep and are known to give calming effects but wine or alcohol should always be taken in moderation. Drinking wine (in moderate amounts) can be very beneficial to your health.

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