A peak into the world of tea drink

A peak into the world of tea drink

Tea now is the second most consumed drink in the world, only after water. This wonderful drink was first discovered in China. It became popular throughout many Asian countries through spice trading routes. By 15th century, tea began to travel to the West and left its mark there. The interesting part is that different cultures invent and adapt new ways of making tea and drinking tea. There are many things to learn about this simple drink but if you are new to tea, there are several key points to get you started.

There is one thing that people often misunderstand about tea is that they think tea is a miraculous drug that can cause any disease immediately. This is not true. Tea is very healthy drink because the leaves are grown in a certain way to control the chemicals in the leaves.

The main purpose is to maintain as much natural chemicals in the leaves as possible. These helpful chemicals can be transferred to your body when you drink tea.

Tea, especially green tea, can provide many benefits such as reducing dental cavities, lowering the blood pressure, slowing the spread of breast cancer and prostate cancer, and smoothing digestions…etc.

Tea contains high levels of antioxidants such as EGCG and flavonoid. Past studies have concluded that ECGC molecules are effective agents against cancer cells. Researchers around the world continue to study the effects of ECGC and flavonoid against particular deadly cancer diseases such as lung, prostate, and breast cancer.

It’s better to actually understand how this natural drink works in your body rather than being bombarded with promises of immediate cures and miraculous drugs. If anybody tells you that tea can cure this and that after 5 cups or so. You should ask them how tea can do that. Most of them probably can’t answer. Their goals are the sales, not the information.

There are a lot of different kinds of tea in the market such as: green, black, oolong, white, yellow, and red tea. All of them come from the same plant- Camellia Sinensis. There are different varieties for each type. If you are a beginner, choosing a tea can be confusing. Thus it is much easier to buy tea bags or instant tea. I guess it’s fine to do this, but if you want to taste real and flavorful tea, it’s a good idea to try loose-leaf tea. It takes some time to choose which tea suits your taste, but when you find the right kind, your tea drinking experience will be even more enjoyable.

There is also non-tea drink like herbal tea. This type of tea contains a wide range of varieties. The reason for this diversity is that there are so many types of herbs, seeds, roots, flowers that can be infused with tea. A few popular and common herbal teas are ginger, lavender, licorice root, dandelion, and rooisbos tea.

Brewing tea isn’t as hard as some people might think. You just need to know the time and the temperature in which each kind of tea should be brewed. If you have some basic ideas about this, brewing tea can be a very nice experience.

Brewing a cup of tea can give you a sense of relaxation and comfort. No one else is around, just you, your tea, and your favorite book. Every day, each of us has to deal with the fast pace of life and every worries and problems that come with it. Moments of peace and quiet become rarer each day. So if possible, you should stop everything for a moment to enjoy a cup of tea. This probably the only worry-free three to five minutes you will ever get until you return home from work….

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