4 Awesome Recipes For Easy Home Cooking

4 Awesome Recipes For Easy Home Cooking

The best methods of cooking are the easy ones no doubt, and in these busy times when time and energy savings are so difficult to come by, everybody would like to try some. We have the awesome four-some recipes for easy home cooking listed here for you to try for yourself or to share:

1. Chicken Soup and Dumplings :
Ingredients: 19 oz of Progresso Traditional chicken noodle soup, 14 oz chicken broth, 16.3 oz Pillsbury Grands refrigerated buttermilk biscuits, freshly chopped parsley if you like.

Method: warm the soup and broth; bring to a boil in a 4-quart Dutch oven and work to divide dough into 8 parts, cutting them into 4ths. Add these biscuit pieces into the boiling soup and cook in an open vessel for ten minutes, bringing to a medium boil, then cover and cook for another ten minutes so dumplings get fluffy and light. For serving, first take out dumplings, then using a soup ladle, spoon into bowls, adding dumplings before garnishing with parsley.

2. Quick Chicken and Broccoli Pie :
Ingredients: 10 ounces frozen chopped broccoli, defrosted and drained, 6 oz Cheddar cheese, a cup of cut-up cooked chicken, 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 cup Original Bisquick mix, a cup of milk, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper and two eggs.

Method: pre-heat oven to 400 Degrees F and grease a 9-inch pie dish while you sprinkle broccoli, a cup of cheese, chicken and onion in to the pie plate. Mix and blend well the Bisquick mix, milk, salt, pepper and eggs then pour it into pie plate and place into the oven to bake for half an hour; insert knife into the center to check if done (if it comes out clean), before sprinkling in the remainder of the cheese and browning the top till it melts. Cool a few minutes before serving.

3. Spiral Sandwich Idea :
Ingredients: a 15-inch diameter soft cracker bread, single herb-and-garlic cheese spread, 8 oz of finely sliced smoked turkey, 1 big tomato finely sliced, 6 oz finely sliced Swiss cheese, 18 leaves of fresh spinach.

Method: Spread cheese on bread in an even layer; place turkey, tomato, Swiss cheese and spinach on it taking care to leave 4" on one side covered only with cheese spread. Roll up bread starting from the turkey-layered side and trim edges before cutting the rolled-bread into 1-inch sandwich slices.

4. Ham and Swiss Pie :
Ingredients: a cup and a half of fully cooked smoked boneless ham, one of grated Swiss cheese, one forth cup chopped onion, half cup Original Bisquick mix; single cup milk, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper, two eggs, a single tomato sliced and a green bell pepper sliced into rings.

Method: Pre-heat oven to 400 Degrees F, while you grease the 9-inch pie dish; shaking ham, cheese and onions on the dish comes next, followed by stirring in the Bisquick mix, milk, salt, pepper and eggs till all the stuff is well mixed. Now pour the mixture into the pie plate and bake for half an hour or another 10 minutes till the knife inserted in the middle comes clean. Cool before topping with tomato and bell pepper.

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