Oh My Goodness! Giant burger at The Daily Grind, Bangsar

By Lyrical Lemongrass


“I’m not telling you, ‘Never eat a hamburger.’ Just eat the good ones with real beef, you know, like the ones from that mom-and-pop diner down the street, … And it’s so good that when you take a bite out of that burger, you just know somewhere in the world a vegan is crying.”
– Homer Simpson

Craving for pleasure in a 9-inch package?

Déjà vu.

But not quite.


A 6 kilogram wonder – 2 kilos of freshly ground juicy beef patty, 1 kilo of cheese, 1 kilo of pickles, tomatoes and greens, and 2 kilos of multigrain bun that tries to make this healthy.


And the true test of a good burger? Lift it up, hold it between your fingers as the juices drip down your wrist, and take a big chomp through the entire cross section. Then lick up the spillages.

Talking at this point is not advisable.


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of The Daily Grind. When the owners invited me over to try this monstrosity of a burger, I went for a medical check-up first before agreeing. Eating a burger this size is like preparing for war. You have to be prepared.


Nah. It’s meant to be shared – lah. For us Malaysians, communal dining is nothing new. If we can sup over rice and curry and ko lou yoke, we can certainly sup over a giant burger. What an amazing bonding opportunity.

This burger can easily feed 10 to 12 persons. The price? RM360++. Please order 48 hours ahead because something this size needs tender loving care and planning. I’m still talking about burgers, of course.

The Daily Grind
Bangsar Village
Kuala Lumpur

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