Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day treats by A Slice of Heaven

By Lyrical Lemongrass

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun. It’s been a mixed end-2011/beginning-2012 for me. Memorable events include a car accident that happened in December which tarnished my no-accident-in-25-years-of-driving record. The accident made me realise that shit happens no matter how well you think you’ve orchestrated your life. I rarely nag my husband (although he may choose to disagree with me), but the one thing I’ve constantly tried to drum into his head is that no matter how careful you think you are on the road, someone else can come and screw it up for you. Sure enough, and without going into details, my experience serves as a reminder to him (and me) now.

But enough about the accident. We spent Christmas and New Year in Los Angeles with Tim’s family and it was just so relaxing and fulfilling to be able to enjoy the celebrations with such wonderful people.

And before we know it, Chinese New Year is upon us. I don’t know about you, but I can barely breathe now. Unlike my yearly record of partaking in at least 10 yee sang sessions before CNY, I’ve had only one at a reunion dinner with ex-colleagues. So this year, I plan to take it easy and embrace CNY hopefully before the end of the 15 days!

If you’re planning on giving gifts to friends during the CNY period, perhaps you’d like to consider the delicious treats that my friends at Just Heavenly have come up with. Their cakes are to die for!

Note that the final slide is for Valentine’s Day but that’s in just 3 weeks so it isn’t too early to start planning. The roses look so pretty, I wouldn’t have the heart to eat them!

Happy Chinese New Year, dear readers. Enjoy the holidays and remember to drink lots of water coz it’s gonna be hot hot hot!

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