Talaykrata Seafood BBQ Buffet @ Publika (Live Tiger Prawns)


Talaykrata Seafood BBQ is the first buffet restaurant in KL to offer catching of live tiger prawns at table side as part of the experience. Watch the video here.



The owners were inspired by the idea after traveling to Bangkok’s famous Taikong Seafood, where they are known for popularizing this dining concept. For those who are not familiar, live tiger prawns are released every 10 minutes into a ‘small river’ which is essentially a stretch of stainless steel aquarium.


But of course, Talaykrata is not the first to offer this kind of seafood buffet in Klang Valley, as two other restaurants in Hulu Langat also serve it. Instead of live freshwater prawns, you get live tiger prawns here.


For RM88 nett/pax, the buffet is time limited to 2 hours and customers can also enjoy free flow of Haagen Dazs ice cream and soft drinks. Personally, I feel this alone is worth the price because any buffet in KL that offers unlimited Haagen Dazs ice cream will cost more than RM100.






As soon as you are seated, you will receive a platter of seafood to get your started immediately. It includes a couple of super premium (and seasonal) seafood items such as wild jumbo freshwater prawn, baby Pacific Lobster, giant scallop and slipper lobster.

Seafood items that you can refill include:

– Live tiger prawn (catch yourself)
– Flower crab
– Spider conch
– Mayo cheese oyster
– Mayo cheese scallop
– White sotong
– Cockle
– Lala
– Bamboo clam
– Mackerel fish (Saba)
– Salmon
– Mussel





For grilling, there are marinated chicken (delicious), Australian beef and NZ lamb slices. And of course, not to mention some hot food like fried rice, wonton, sausages and a variety of processed food for steamboat.


If you are worried about having not enough time to enjoy your food, my suggestion is to boil the seafood (especially prawns) first then grill them afterwards. This way, they cook faster and stay juicier as well.



Talaykrata Seafood BBQ
Publika, A4-G1-06, Solaris Dutamas, KL
Buffet sessions: 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm, 9pm-11pm
Booking: 019-813 7767

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