zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in Malaysia

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Inside the Amore – zChocolat

zChocolat, Luxury Chocolates Direct from France

The doorbell rings unexpectedly and I curiously scamper over to answer it. It’s a guy from DHL with a package for me to sign for. He looks at me whimsically as I quiz him over its contents and sender, as if to say, “Open it and you’ll find out!”

Messenger on his way, I race to open the silver box. Wrapped tightly in plastic it takes me a few minutes to break the barrier. Lid unleashed, I pull away a thick layer of foam and black stringy paper to reveal an ebony drawstring cover bag. There’s a note:

These 12 chocolates were handmade in France by Pascal Caffet, World Champion Chocolatier and Pastry Chef 2013, with zealous adherence to French tradition: no preservatives; high cocoa content; little sugar and; 100% cocoa butter. This product was shipped to your attention, _____ (my address), Malaysia, directly from our gourmet facility in Aix-Provence, France.”

There’s a personal message too from the sender, but I’ll spare you the cheesy romance narrative. 😉

PackagingI’m salivating already as I take the box completely out of the parcel. Amazingly, it feels cold and, underneath I find a plastic pack, I assume once frozen, that has kept the insulated parcel chilled during its journey.

Finally breaching the core, a luscious looking tray of heart shaped chocolates is unveiled – Romantic zBox 12. What a thoughtful and memorable treat for Valentine’s Day!

zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiazChocolate – Romantic zBox 12There are four different flavours and I sample them all, one after the other, slowly savouring each creation.

Mystique is made from a dark 70% Venezuelan chocolate (Hubby will be pleased!). Bourbon Vanilla caramel oozes from the centre and the contrast of bitter and sweet is heavenly.

zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaMystiquezChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaMystiqueA velvety white chocolate shell is heart shaped and tinted red, creating the Amore. It holds a smooth dark chocolate ganache infused with bergamot and proves that opposites attract.

zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaAmoreA radiant 40% Ivory Coast milk chocolate couverture jackets the Supreme. A delicious Piedmont hazelnut praline is at the core and melts slowly in the mouth forming a sensuous satiny finish.

zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaSupremezChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaInside the SupremeThe Toquade is a glossy white chocolate containing a 62% dark chocolate ganache. It’s rich and intense. A slightly sweeter outer balances the dark bitter nucleus which deliquesces unhurriedly and sumptuously on the tongue.

zChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaToquadezChocolate, Luxury Chocolates from France in MalaysiaInside the ToquadezChocolates are hand-crafted in France but available in Malaysia through an amazingly efficient and professional delivery service. Check out their website, www.zchocolat.com, to get your order in for Valentine’s Day.

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